Sunday, November 06, 2011


I want to tell you all about a friend of mine.  She's witty, clever, and always there for me when I'm in a pinch.  Sadly, I haven't been a very good friend to her - seeing as how I always take and never give.

Maybe I should drive over to her house and offer to watch her kids while she goes on vacation. Then again, she might find that a bit odd....

...since we've never actually met.

But her name is Jamie, and I stalk her.  I mean, I love her.  Actually - it's both.  I stalk and love her, on a totally legal level.

Over the past few days this lovely lady has given me all of my dinner ideas.  And who doesn't need dinner ideas?  Check out the quick, delicious breadsticks I made the other night to compliment my lasagna casserole:

forgive the horrid cell-phone photos!

I know, right?! (I said that specifically for my husband who hates that phrase.)

And as if that weren't enough, I also stole her cheesy broccoli soup in homemade bread-bowls for our Sunday family dinner.  Good grief, Jamie! I was immediately taken back to my midwest days where my mom and I frequented Panera for the same delicious meal.  Never in a million years did I think I could make something similar in the comfort of my own home (that's not saying Panera isn't comfy - it is.)

The kids thought this was the best meal ever.  They loved the soup, and were hysterical over the fact that they could eat the bowl.  Just like Willy Wonka eats the daffodil cup that he drinks out of.  {Did you know that part wasn't scripted?  That cup wasn't even edible.  Silly, Gene Wilder!}

Anyway, back to my dear friend, Jamie. She is a wonder in the kitchen, and I am grateful to her for giving me endless cooking inspiration.  Go on over to her blog and bring some of her deliciousness into your home.  Better yet, leave her a comment that Melissa sent you.  Get a few of those on there and a restraining order might be put in place.

 A restraining order from Jamie...I feel famous already. Scandalous!

Click HERE for Jamie.

BDEM:  I made the broccoli cheese soup before church, and then made the bread bowls after, so it was one of those meals that takes up a good chunk of your day to prepare.  Within one bite, I knew it was all worth it.  Then Jude said, "Mom!  Did you make this food?  It's really good!"  I answered, "I did make it - and Dad helped."  Jude smiled and said, "Thanks Dad."  After a nice long awkward pause he said, "Oh, and thanks, Mom."  

Kids THANKING me for dinner?  Oh, Jamie - you crazy, crafty, tricky chef, you....

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Wilson Family said...

You are too funny Melissa! I love the cooking site too... I browsed it for about 4 minutes, and already have a list of things to try! My last bread bowl attempt was disastrous, so I'm excited to try these. Thanks for the tip!