Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's been a busy Sunday around here.  I had meetings this morning before church, then ran home for about an hour, and then headed to church. With the exception of my slight congestion and double cold sores, I am the only healthy person in our house right now.  Whatever hit our house has slowly been passed from one child to the next, and now onto Rob.  So in that hour I had at home, I made some vegetable soup and a few loaves of french bread for dinner.

When I got home from church, half of one of the loaves had been eaten, and the kids could't stop talking about how much they loved the bread.  We sat down for dinner, and they began this chorus of gratitude thanking me for anything and everything they could starting with the bread - then hitting the soup - then talking about the drinks - it just went on and on and on. It was one of those, "Is this really happening?" moments.

They started chowing down on the bread - and Rob said, "Okay guys, now you can't just eat bread - you need to start on your soup.  Jude took one bite and his whole body went into a shudder.  He grimaced, he gagged and then said, "I don't like this soup, Mom.  Can you get all the yucky stuff out?"

Rob looked at him and said, "Buddy, just two seconds ago you couldn't stop telling Mom how great everything was, and how happy you were to be eating it!"

Jude replied, "Oh yeah. That's just because we said all of those things before we knew it was gross."

BDEM:  I'm about to sit down to a parade put on by my children and husband.  They practiced it while I was at church.  I'm sure it's going to be magical.  I hear Rob is throwing candy.

(I was actually able to catch some on video - it looked like this.  I DO PROMISE my kids and husband are sick...although you wouldn't know it from their perfect parade faces!)


Nic said...

That parade is so cute!

Mandy said...

Love it! :)

Kendal and Alissa said...

Oh that's a keeper. I could watch that parade over and over again. Oh wait I just did:)

Deon said...

Wow, is Rob such a sport or what?!!!

I love the look Claire gives you around the ten second mark--it's as if she's saying, "Get a load of those guys. The tender mercies of being trapped in a highchair . . . . "

Anonymous said...

Who woulda thought the sick could cheer up everyone else like that! So sweet....