Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top Five Holiday Traditions

As a young family, we are starting to get our own traditions together that will hopefully leave really special memories for the kids.  Thus far, these are the ones we've started - and will hopefully stick to.

5. Baking and delivering Christmas treats to friends and neighbors
4. Opening presents to John Denver and the Muppets Christmas songs
3. Taking a night to drive all over town to see all the Christmas lights
2.  Some form of nativity with the kids - last year the kids put on Nativity Puppet show that was just perfect.
1.  Dinner at Red Robin followed by a train ride and a visit to see Santa

As a kid, my parents always bought presents for a family in need - and I'd like to start doing that with the kids as well.

Anybody want to share some of the things they look forward to around the holidays?  I'd love to make my list a little bit longer!

BDEM:  I finally got my hands on the "hard to find" present that I've wanted to get Jude.  Now I can start focusing on the other gifts.  Talk about a huge weight lifted!   


Lisa said...

When our kids were little, we always had a little ding dong ditching going on! And straight out caroling. I think I may bring the ding dong ditching back with just Doug and me this season! Could be quite fun.

Stacy said...

We have a gingerbread house making party, and check out the lights at temple square. On Christmas Eve, the Christmas elf leaves them a present with new Christmas jammies. Then we go to work making cookies and leaving a plate of cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. And we like to let the kids pick out a present for each other. Kinda fun. Ooh you have me excited!

Nic said...

OH I am so excited for Christmas now. Ryan doesn't let me do ANYTHING Christmasy until after Thansgiving. I had to post my list on my blog. :)