Tuesday, April 10, 2012

100 Foods to Eat Before you Die

I keep seeing this app pop up on Facebook, but I really have a hard time pressing "ALLOW" on apps.  The last thing I want is for every one of my friends to have to see the dumb things I do to waste time.  But you... my REAL friends, I can show you this because, well...I show you just about everything.

After skipping the ALLOW button, I just googled this to get the real list.  What are your numbers? I'll put an X next to the ones I've tried.    

      1.   Abalone  
2.   Absinthe
3.   Alligator  X
4.   Baba  Ghanoush
5.   Bagel and lox    X
6.   Baklava   X
7.   Barbecue ribs   X
8.   Bellini
9.   Bird’s Nest Soup
10. Biscuits and gravy   X
11.  Black Pudding
12.  Black Truffle
13.  Borscht
14.  Calamari   X
15.  Carp   X
16.  Caviar   X
17.  Cheese fondue   X
18.  Chicken and waffles (this is in the works - a local chef is going to start making these!)
19.  Chicken Tikka Masala   X
20.  Chile Relleno   X
21.  Chitterlings/Chitlins
22.  Churros   X
23.  Clam Chowder   X
24.  Cognac
25.  Crabcakes   X
26.  Crickets   X (chocolate covered!)
27.  Currywurst   X (a PERSONAL favorite)
28.  Dandelion wine
29.  Dulce de leche
30.  Durian
31.  Eel   X
32.  Eggs benedict   X
33.  Fish Tacos   X
34.  Foie Gras
35.  Fresh Spring Rolls
36.  Fried Catfish   X
37.  Fried Green Tomatoes   X
38.  Fried Plaintain
39.  Frito Pie   X
40.  Frog’s Legs
41.  Fugu
42.  Funnel Cake   X
43.  Gazpacho
44.  Goat
45.  Goat’s milk   X
46.  Goulash   X
47.  Gumbo   X
48.  Haggis
49.  Head Cheese
50.  Heirloom Tomatoes
51.  Honeycomb   X
52.  Hostess Fruit Pie   X
53.  Huevos Rancheros   X
54.  Jerk Chicken   X
55.  Kangaroo (isn't that like eating dolphin?)
56.  Key Lime Pie  X
57.  Kobe Beef   X
58.  Lassi (The dog?)
59.  Lobster   X
60.  Mimosa
61.  MoonPie   X
62.  Morel Mushrooms
63.  Nettle Tea
64.  Octopus   X
65.  Oxtail Soup
66.  Paella   X
67.  Paneer
68.  Pastrami on Rye   X
69.  Pavlova
70.  Phaal
71.  Philly Cheesesteak   X
72.  Pho
73.  Pineapple and cottage cheese   X (A Culver favorite)
74.  Pistachio Ice Cream   X - what a waste!
75.  Po’ boy
76.  Pocky
77.  Polenta  X
78.  Prickly Pear
79.  Rabbit Stew
80.  Raw Oysters
81.  Root Beer Float   X
82.  S’mores   X
83.  Sauerkraut   X
84.  Sea Urchin
85.  Shark   X
86.  Snail   X
87.  Snake   X
88.  Soft Shell Crab
89.  Som Tam
90.  Spaetzle   X
91.  Spam   X
92.  Squirrel
93.  Steak Tartare
94.  Sweet Potato Fries   X
95.  Sweetbreads
96.  Tom Yum
97.  Umeboshi
98.  Venison   X
99.  Wasabi Peas
100.Zucchini Flowers

49 - not TOO bad.  I'll bet my Dad could KILL me at this.  

What's your number?  

BDEM:  Rob and I laughed all morning about the "Most Awkward Handshake of 2012" video.  Hilarious:

Water:  60 oz


Something Wilde said...

I saw this list just yesterday and wondered what was on it but wouldn't push allow!

My number is 18 and it's only because there are things like root beer float and s'mores on it. I eat like an unadventurous five year old. I don't plan on upping this number either! :) Best of luck getting to 100 though!

(have you ever seen head cheese? We used to serve it at the nursing home...ick)

Deon said...

Man, Melissa! You are an adventurous eater, for sure!!! Glad to see you're still alive after some of that stuff! jk :D

Okay. This Bubba Watson video had me laughing right out loud! Funniest thing I've seen in days! Totally going to show this to Dave as both he and I are now Bubba fans after the Masters. What a nice guy. This video seals the deal!!!

Mom said...

I've got to tell ya...head cheese is on my list of "I hope I die before I ever have to eat that stuff" list. You go girl. Let me know how it tastes...if you live to tell about it.

Mom said...

I've had handshakes like those...and hugs too. AWKWARD. Love how the guy scratches his nose like that was the plan all along!

john kopp said...

Only 54 for me. But then again it didn't include wild boar or noodles with octopus and ink sauce!