Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Car

Remember how (what seems like) a gazillion years ago my car was so bad that we couldn't drive it to Arizona?  It sat in our garage - dumping antifreeze all over -the entire time we were gone.  When we returned we drove it from here to there always carefully watching the temperature gauge, but as of yesterday we decided that enough was enough, we were just going to have to shell out the dough to get the car fixed.  I wasn't sure how much a new radiator + labor + broken heater + extra things that were wrong were going to cost, but it was time.

We dropped it off this morning at about 9:30 so they could work on it today and tomorrow.  Rob loaded all three kids (Maddie was in school) in the back of his little car and we took a morning trip up to Ikea for some breakfast and to replace the blanket that Jude destroyed when he decided to go to sleep with Rocco hidden in his bed.  (Rocco was the made-from-silly-putty-pet that he created back around Christmastime).

Anywho - at about 10:15 the mechanic called to tell us that we could come and pick up our car.  Huh.  That was fast wasn't it?

At around noon we came back from Ikea and swung by to pick up the car.  The problem?  A hose clamp needed tightening.  No new radiator, no extra drama, just a hose clamp.  I pulled out my card to pay and the guy said, "Oh, it took like two seconds.  We're not going to charge you for that."

WHAT?!!! Oh, and the heat works fine now that the clamp is fixed.

Talk about a miracle!  They even filled up my tires for me while I was there.  Now THAT is great service!

BDEM:  Ikea brunch with Rob.  Every store should offer free babysitting and cheap food.  It's like a mini-date in the middle of the day!

Water:  Oh geez, maybe 10 oz?  Yeesh.


Deon said...

Alrighty, sister! Spill! What is the name of your very kind, helpful and honest mechanic? This guy gives mechanics everywhere a good name!

Something Wilde said...

Hooray for easy fixes, nice people and IKEA!

Grandma! said...

I sure feel bad about the silly putty thing, I am sure it was in the box of stuff I sent!