Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ten Things

My sister in law used to do a day on her blog called Ten Things Tuesday.  Here is my attempt at a Ten Things Wednesday. The name isn't nearly as catchy - but it'll make for nice filler on a blog-day where I don't have any major family business to report.

1.  I was thinking today that razor scooters are awesome.  I never had a scooter as a kid, and honestly didn't have much interest, but I really REALLY enjoy "putting away" Madelyn's when she leaves it in the front yard.

2.  I took a little bit of initiative and moved the Christmas tree from the side of the house to the back yard.  Rob and I will take an afternoon and light that thing up.  Watching Christmas trees burn is almost as fun as picking them out.

3.  I'm gaga over dresses this spring.  Here's my new love.

I want to own it, but going to the store, and trying it on just sounds like a lot of work. (I don't know this lady, she was just modeling the dress - but she is lovely.)

4.  Rob and I watched the movie Hugo tonight.  Great movie, but I couldn't get past the fact that Hugo was so much like Jude.  I'll do my best to make sure he never becomes a clock-fixing-orphan.  I'll also make sure he doesn't try to make this out of tinker toys......CUH-REEPY!

5.  We decided to buy "The Pass of All Passes" (a local thing that gets you into a bazillion different places/events)  I'm still not sure how I feel about it...I love water parks, but not with four kids.

6.  I just found this picture of Ella Bella.  I can't believe how big she's gotten!

7.  I've been assigned cheesy potatoes and dessert for Easter dinner.  I cannot believe Easter is this Sunday.  I'm trying to find a good Easter dessert that doesn't involve fruit.  Anyone in my family knows why!  I'm hoping I'll stumble across it tomorrow.

8.  Rob and I took our "before" shots for our P90x/Insanity hybrid workout.  That alone gives me reason enough to work out.  Nothing like a shot of your tummy-tum-tum to add some fuel to the work out fire!

9.  My cute friend threw an Easter party today, and the kids had a great time.  Jude could not believe that the Easter Bunny came to their house early to hide eggs.  He keeps asking me why I can't get the Bunny over here sooner.

10.  My husband is whistling hymns to his new computer.  I do believe this particular hymn is "Oh it is Wonderful."  I'm 99% sure that he was thinking that his new laptop was wonderful, and now he is subliminally praising it through hymn.  I don't think he has any idea what he's doing!  Oh - maybe he does.  He just switched to "Ground Control to Major Tom."  Excellent choice, Rob.

BDEM:  I really liked Hugo.  Probably enough to make it a BDEM.  Maybe there was a tie on this one - I also really liked listening to Rob try to hum the Bunny Hop song to Ella.  It was like he was just adding the words "Hop Hop Hop" onto the end of the spiderman theme song.  

Water:  40 oz


Lisa said...

Ten Things Wednesday is a fabulous idea! I really enjoyed reading it!

Something Wilde said...

I feel like I haven't commented in a while. I am intrigued by this idea of setting the Christmas tree on fire. That just sounds lovely! Especially after how I felt about our Christmas tree this year. It just wasn't the magic it was cracked up to be. Happy day to you Mull!

Jessica Kopp said...

Did you get the pass of all passes for $10? For only $10 we couldn't resist and finally broke down and got our own.

Stacy said...

I too have been tempted on the Pass of all Passes. I have heard it is crowded, and that scares me with little ones. You will have to let me know how it goes because it is really tempting for $10!!

That dress is really cute, I think I would look pregnant with the pleats right there. :) But you could pull it off just like that model because you have a hot PRE-P90X bod and thats why we are all debating our friendship now. :) I guess you've earned it...