Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And Johnny Makes Three

Hey!  Do you like James Taylor?!  
I suppose I should say that Johnny MADE three....

Derek (who I lovingly blogged about yesterday) and I are losing our little brother. No, not that way....he's living out my lifelong dream and high-tailing it back to the midwest.  He and his lovely wife, Sierra, are leaving us in just a few weeks.  I'm happy, sad and jealous all at the same time:  happy for them, sad for us, jealous for...well, I guess that's just my nature.  What can I say...I miss home?!

One thing is fo sho....he will be missed.  A LOT.  Having him here has made family parties seem more like family parties.  We will still love getting together with Derek and Jessica, but when it comes to my family I am a firm believer in the old phrase "the more the merrier."

I should, however, take a minute to congratulate Sierra on her ridiculously hard accomplishment of graduating Pharmaceutical School.  Now all letters to Johnny and Sierra will correctly be addressed

"Dr. and Mr. John so-and-so Jr."

Sadly, most mailmen will assume that Johnny is in a same-sex relationship.  Okay, not sadly...I kind of like the humor behind that.  Let the mailmen talk!

BACK TO BUSINESS - Congrats Sierra, you have worked SO hard.  Thanks for choosing a college that allowed us to have our baby brother back for a couple of years.  We love you both and are going to miss all of the sax-a-ma-phone references.  "He doesn't like George Michael!"

Love you, bro and Sierra!

Best of luck with your new adventure...we'll be joining you soon!!!  

BDEM:  I've been working on this post for over two hours because I keep getting distracted with old photos and videos.  Sometimes a nice trip down memory lane is good for the soul!

Water:  40 oz.


Mom said...

What a nice tribute! Even though you might not see each other as often as you'd think, there's something about not having someone in your proximity anymore. Just ask my mom who had a fit when I moved another hour away...when I'm the only one that does the driving to visit. I really think you'll both all the distance. It is kind of a happy/sad thing for me. When I think of having him close, I smile. When I think of him being farther away from all of you, it makes me sad.

Mom said...

WOW... I have to start proof reading BEFORE hitting send! :) I meant...that I think all of you will feel the distance. How it came out sounding like it did is a mystery to me.