Friday, April 06, 2012

Finally Saw

We finally saw The Hunger Games.

It was wonderful.

There were some interesting changes - though not many.  I'm sure wondering if the Mayor's daughter will ever become part of the series...they kind of just wiped her right out now didn't they?

I missed some of the character development, but think they all played their parts well.

I  L.O.V.E.D.  Caesar Flickerman.  Wasn't he just fantastic?  Oh, and I Effie was also perfect.  Quite possibly my two favorite characters.

I've read the book twice - but both times didn't catch the berries at the end for Seneca.  Did that really happen?  Sometimes I get going so fast in a book that I literally have to slow myself down and reread some parts because I get so excited.  Perhaps I missed that, twice!

The people of the capitol were everything I hoped they would be.

I was very surprised to see the photo of Papa Everdeen on the mantle - I had no idea the role was played by my good friend, Ben Quinn.  Rob and I both laughed hysterically.  (Please tell me you've seen the movie AND noticed that, Kat!)

Book Grade:  A
Movie Grade:  B+

BDEM:  Obviously, the movie.

Water:  60 oz


Marissa said...

I missed the mayor's daughter too!

kathryn said...

haha- i saw the movie, but i failed to miss the pic of my husband on the mantle! i'll have to watch again and make sure i pay attention at that part!

Stacy said...

I need to see it!