Sunday, April 15, 2012

See This Smile?

She's smiling because she is in love.  With her new BOYFRIEND.  Maddie spends so much time talking about boys that Ella has decided she would like a boyfriend, too.  So how did Ella find a new love so quickly, and at such a young age?  Simple - like everything else my kids realize they don't have...but want, they simply made her one out of paper.

Meet Eyen (Ian).  He's yellow, loves the color green and is madly in love with Ella.  Oh, and apparently he sleeps upside down while hanging from a wall....that's not creepy or anything.

Here's to a happy future for Ella and Eyen.  May they have many joyous times together before Claire finds him and rips him apart.

And if you were wondering, yes...her pants ARE on backwards.

BDEM:  Tough call. I loved family Wii time, but that hour and a half nap was pretty darn nice!

Water:  Oops.  20?  I forget on days when I don't work out!

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Stacy said...

Your kids! Oh my, they never cease to amuse us!