Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And Then Along Came Minis

I love food.  I've mentioned in the past - and as I type this, I'm starving - so forgive my need to talk about it more!  I've been pretty good about my food choices as of late, but COME ON!  Where the heck did THESE things come from?!

I remember the first time I tried these - I was a (self-claimed) Sophomore in college (my credits would indicate that I was probably still in high school).  My (self-claimed) Canadian roommate (is that place still around?)  Tara asked me to drive her to Walmart so she could pick up a few bags of these babies.  She told me that they were Easter's most delicious treat - and that I'd need to grab at least one bag for myself.  Just kidding about the Canada jokes.  They're just so easy!  Love you, Mexico of the North!  ANYWAY - the eggs.  I bought a bag, had a few, and decided that they were just plain disgusting.

That, however, did not discourage me from buying them every year for the next decade because I was SURE there was something I must have been missing.  Everyone loved them and they were constantly selling out at stores.  I'd eat a few - then toss them at some point in June when I realized we were not a match.

Fast forward to Easter 2012.  I picked up a couple of bags for Easter basket purposes.  I opened one, had a bite and once again told Rob that I just "didn't get it!"  If that's the case - then why the heck am I counting down to the moment of each day where I allow myself to eat four?  I think I might be changing my mind...just a little.  Maybe crazy Tara isn't as crazy as I remember.  I still have a bag and a half sitting in my cabinet and I'm worried that four a day may turn to five or maybe two pounds worth.  Somebody stop me!

BDEM:  Sometimes I just need a little bit of love from my littlest redhead.  What is it about babies that just make everything better?!  And, no.  Don't even say it.

Water:  80 oz!


Something Wilde said...

I have to say that while I do like Cadbury mini eggs, I can't eat too many of them. They start to get chalky or something. BUT...what you should try are M&Ms Speck-tacular eggs. It's the size of a peanut M&M (maybe bigger) but just has chocolate inside. Now for those I reserve a few spots on my hips! Those and Reese's PB Eggs.

amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

hahahaha- love it! um, should i admit that the day after easter i went and bought like 2 (FOUR) bags of these? i mean... they were on sale so i HAD to, right?? oh, and those insanely good easter PB m&m's... don't get me started...

Unknown said...

these are my very favorite Easter treat ever!! They started making them red and green for Christmas!! I look forward to Easter for this very reason. I think I have had 3 bags this year with another in my freezer and Im trying really hard not to open them. 3 bags is really good self control for me!