Friday, April 20, 2012

Child #5

Apparently I have another son.

For the past couple of days everything has been all about Joe.

"Joe is ready for school.."

"I'm taking Joe out for a walk..."

"Joe doesn't have a mouth - so he only speaks sign language..."  (Hello, he doesn't have any hands either!)

"Joe is sleeping on our floor tonight..."

Honestly.  It's reminding me a lot of this commercial:

At least "My Buddy" looks like a human.  Joe is just plain scary - and I keep rounding corners to find him sitting on chairs or lying face down on the floor or getting sat on by another child.  I catch breath every single time because Joe looks like THIS:

No, that's not an upside down kid in our wagon...that's Joe.  
Try this angle:

He's actually filled with sheets.

 And since Jude didn't think an Angry Bird made for a very happy face, he added a paper smile.

 Here are the "brothers" going for a wagon ride.

 And here's Joe just watching TV.  He's in his PJs.  (Jude changes his clothes constantly)

And here he is....all tuckered out. 

For now Rob and I are just letting Jude have his fun, but if at any point I wake up and see Joe standing over my bed we are setting him on fire.  Sorry, son.

BDEM:  We accidentally ran into some friends for dinner and ended up getting to eat with them.  (Yay, for night-o-fun!)  

Water:  50 oz


Stacey said...

he just needs a brother, ready go.

Wilson Family said...

Haha, this is the funniest... and creepiest... thing I've ever seen! I LOVE that he taped a smile on though. He's right it does make him look happier... and creepier. But let's not go there.