Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Meet my oldest brother, Derek:


He's a real whiz at the trampoline. 

He's also the world's biggest photo-bomber.  

I have a ridiculous amount of pictures with creeper Derek in the background...and chances are if you've EVER been to one of our family functions, you do too.  He can smell a camera being pulled out, and loves to make sure he's going to be part of that memory.  I can't even imagine how many strangers have looked at their pictures and thought, "Wow...who is THAT guy?"

I think it's high time he grew himself a mustache, and purchased a windowless van.  

BDEM:  Dejunking all of the papers that have become "friends" with my kids over the winter months.  I love their creativity, but after a while it becomes a real mess! I'm afraid I'm raising hoarders over here!

Water: 50 oz


Stacey said...

in that last picture, is that the brother who you think looks like justin harrison? if so, i agree.

Deon said...

A piece of advice: As you are dejunking all of your kids' papers, take great care that you double bag them, drive them at least five miles from your home, and put them at the bottom of a Dumpster. I can't tell you how many times I would sneak my kids' masterpieces into the garbage after months on display only to have it be the VERY day that they scrounge through the garbage looking for something else and discover that their mother is both soulless and heartless. Just FYI.