Monday, April 02, 2012

More Redhead Talk

Today I honestly had a guy tell me that this girl wasn't a genuine redhead, she was just a strawberry blonde.  Now, I'm not one to try to fit in where I'm not welcome - but I absolutely disagree.  You don't get more ginger than this:

What a crazy old man!

Okay - he actually wasn't crazy or old.  Maybe he was just colorblind.

BDEM:  THIS...right here is my BDEM.  It is my promise to work out tomorrow.  I feel so lethargic and yucky, but Rob and I just can't seem to get our (going to be jiggly) butts out of bed when that alarm goes off.  BUT I will slack no longer.  

Water:  40 oz


Deon said...

Ashley's little guy has hair almost exactly this exact same color! She can almost ALWAYS count on someone asking, "Where did the red hair come from?" I know that gets old, but you have to admit that these beautiful red heads do catch your eye (in a very, very good way)!

Stacy said...

Jared is the only boy in his family that isn't colorblind. I still laugh that when one brother went house shopping he hated the colors in all the houses but finally fell in love with the house with PINK carpet!

She is definitely a red head, and a gorgeous one! She is stunning.

Stef said...

BLASPHEMY!! She is a true ginger, spoken by a true ginger.

kathryn said...

he could probably see her roots- you know you dye her hair...

just kiddin, claire! you're red hair is beautiful!