Sunday, April 22, 2012


Remember my brother Greg and his wife Mandy?

Greg lived with Rob and I for a long time when we were married - and Greg and Rob became the best of buddies.

Then Greg got married and we got Mandy.  The rest is history:

They are the ones that fly out and stay with us for weeks at a time...when we only have couches to offer!

They are the ones who photograph my kids more than I do

Mandy and I always cut our hair together

They love listening to our kids

They look cute on sunset cruises

We kiss them

Maybe too much

They ALWAYS include our kids

We've been to Vegas together

And the Hoover Dam

The give our kids lots of loves

And always allow our kids to sit by them

I had like ten more pictures, but Blogger says I've used all my photo space...what's that about?  Anyway - you get the picture (pun totally intended).  They have been an amazing aunt and uncle to our kids, and our kids ADORE them.

And after six years of marriage, Greg and Mandy are going to have a baby of their own!!  

We couldn't be more excited for them - they are going to be wonderful, WONDERFUL parents - and our kids can't wait to have a new little cousin!

Congratulations, you guys!  We are seriously SO SO SO happy for you!

Love you!!

BDEM:  Looking through all the old photos of Greg and Mandy and all of our shenanigans.  We have had some really great times together!

Water:  I plead the fifth.  


Something Wilde said...

HUGE congrats to Greg and Mandy! How exciting!

Mandy said...

BDEM! Love you guys :)