Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stupid Orange Juice!

Oh man....CONSPIRACIES ARE EVERYWHERE - and here comes another!  As a kid I did not like orange juice, but we were always told we needed our OJ so we could be healthy, etc.  Flash forward to February of 2012 when I learned (and was emotionally scarred) by the truth behind orange juice.  If your eyes haven't been opened yet - click HERE.  (But only if you want to sob for the rest of your life wondering what else has been a complete lie!)

Now, when I think of orange juice, I think of one person...and that's my dad.  He had it daily, and like I said before, he encouraged us to drink it anytime we had a sore throat, cough, pimple, broken leg, or bad hair day.  So, when I shattered his world by telling him the real deal behind orange juice -  while we were sipping it in Hawaii, he was crushed.

Then we ran across this issue at Einstein's Bagels this morning.  They sell individual bottles of OJ, and also have plastic cups filled with the "fresh" OJ sitting in the cooler.

Perhaps I'm an idiot - but for $3, and the fact that it's sold in this manner - I have always assumed it was "fresh squeezed oj."

Not so.  Upon taking a closer look we noticed this little deceptive description:

100% PURE SQUEEZED orange juice.

 Like there is some way to squeeze something that is not 100% pure:  50% pure squeezed, 50% machine squeezed?  Come on, now!

Wondering what the heck that meant I walked up the cashier and asked, "do you know what kind of orange juice this is?"  She awkwardly and hesitantly replied, "Minute Maid."

All they had to do was swap out the word fresh for pure and it's a whole new ballgame!

Fooled again.  I guess next time I'll just spend HALF the money and buy the individually bottled oj sitting right next to it in the cooler.  (And by I - I obviously mean Rob.  I was busy sipping away on my 100% fake Coke Zero.)


BDEM:  Afternoon birthday party!  Thanks for the invite, dear friend! We all had a blast!

Water:  40 oz


Stacy said...

All conspiracies aside, I still feel like it helps when you feel like you're about to get sick. Am I alone on that? Maybe I trick my brain into thinking that.

Sadly though, I think I really just drink orange juice for the same reason we drink diet coke- it's nummy nummy! :)

Mom said...

I feel vindicated for not liking orange juice. Thanks!

Deon said...

Hey, don't even get me started on that "organic" label slapped on produce at the grocery store. That's a bunch of hooey too, from what I've read.