Monday, June 06, 2011

Dad's Wedding - Part 1

(I started this post about three weeks ago - but never finished it. I knew it was going to be a couple of long posts, so I kept putting it off. Now I can use my post-a-day to finish writing about my Dad's wedding.  No, that's not cheating.  I don't care what you say...this is my blog - I make the rules!)

Last month Rob and I ran off for a weekend in Galena, IL for my dad's wedding.  It was a quick trip to a tiny little town in the middle of the 1800s  nowhere.  It ended up being a historic little town in western IL filled with old buildings, famous landmarks, shopping, and on this particular weekend - five thousand boy scouts (I kid you not).

It is the kind of town where people dressed like this, walking the streets, is totally normal:

Some more of the old buildings:
Galena's Oldest Building

Fire House and Rob who didn't think he was in the shot.  Surprise!   (The staircase in the background actually is the Stairway to Heaven. It just keeps going, and going.  Imagine our surprise after climbing three billion plus stairs only to be sent back to earth.)

The High School
We spent the first two nights in a historic hotel where all the rooms are named after someone famous who stayed in that room.  Our room was the Susan B. Anthony room.  I wish I had snapped some pics of the inside of our first hotel - but, alas, I forgot.  I'll continue tomorrow with more of the wedding weekend.  

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Deon said...

I hear ya about putting off long blog posts--I've got a boatload of them myself to put up. They will be really, really outdated by the time I do, but, in the words of that wise and wonderful woman, Melissa, "I don't care what you say . . . this is my blog."

Great pictures and what fun for you and Rob!