Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our friend, Paul, surprised me by posting a caricature of my facebook profile pic on his blog. The best parts about it were:

1. I didn't spend $25 and 45 minutes of precious carnival time to get it done. Yes, I'm a carny.  So what?  

2.  I didn't have to awkwardly carry it around at the carnival and try to find somewhere to shove it before getting on rides.

3. I didn't see it and think, "Oh crap!  Is that what I REALLY look like?!"  I actually really liked it!  

See for yourself (I stole the image right off of his blog and all three were in one image)

Pure talent, Paul!  Now go and check out more of his work....HERE.

1 comment:

john kopp said...

Cool picture!! You look like a glamour girl out of Dick Tracy or Brenda Starr . . . very talented artist.