Sunday, June 12, 2011


Rob and I recently started the "Insanity" work out program.  We wake up around six, spend twenty minutes avoiding the workout, then spend the next 40-50 minutes getting our butts kicked by the toughest workout I've ever done.   Once we're finished we feel really good - but I have to say that going to bed, knowing what is in store for us the next morning has changed us.  Getting in bed by 9:30 pm has never felt so good!  Here's what you're missing (lucky for you, the stink is not included).
Sorry it's blurry - our muscles were most likely shaking

It's crazy - but we're hoping the results are worth it!  


Maria said...

Dude! This is totally on my 'things I should probably plan on doing someday' list. ;) Let me know how it goes...I'm thinking I wanna do it over the holiday season when it's cold outside so I'm not so tempted to dump the video workout and head out for a run. I'm totally impressed that y'all are doing this--I'll look for your "I earned it" t-shirt in the coming months. :)

Stacy said...

Lovvvvve Insanity. And hate it while I am doing it. And love it as soon as I am done.

You should love it because you look amazing!

"This is Insanity people!"