Monday, June 20, 2011

Search Engine Funnies

I have no idea how people ever survived without Google.  I am obsessed - use it for EVERYTHING.  The other night while lying in bed, something crossed my mind, so I pulled up Google on my iphone and typed in the word "Why." Before I could finish typing the rest of the question, I was distracted by the auto-fill the search engine provided.  May I remind you that these are prompted because they are popular questions brought to google:

Why = (yes in this order)

Why do I fart so much?
Why are mormons so hot?
Why is a raven a writing desk?
Why is the sky blue?
Why am I so tired?
Why is my poop green?
Why do men cheat?
Why is Steve Carell leaving the office?
Why try? (If you're turning to google for this answer, you really ARE in trouble)
Why are manhole covers round?

Really, people?  THIS is what we are rushing to the computer to find out?

I decided to see what happened when I started a question with the word "Is" and here are the top results:

Is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?  (What?!?)
Is Jimmer Fredette Mormon?
Is Lady Gaga a man?
Is Netflix down?
Is Daniel Radcliff gay?
Is today my birthday?  (I'm sure google can tell you this)
Is weed bad for you?
Is Rebecca Black a joke?
Is Enrique Iglesias gay?
Is pneumonia contagious?

There you have it, folks.  All the questions you've been asking yourself for years.  Just head over to google if you want to know the answers.


Deon said...

Wow! If these are prompted because they are popular questions, I'm feeling mighty normal about now. I can't say I have EVER Googled a single one of those questions. Not a one.

Julie said...

haha That is hysterical!

john kopp said...

Melissa, don't you know that Google saves your past searches in the background and applies those items to your current searches? Look at those lists and I'm sure you can recall something that you or someone else in the family searched for recently. BTW, it's really impressive to know that Jude can correctly spell Kevjumba. . .