Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Little Late

This whole post-a-day in June has me constantly searching for ideas on what to write about.  It has helped a lot to search through old pictures and see if I missed anything over the year.  Surprisingly (insert sarcasm) this little gem didn't make it.  I wanted to document my huge belly just before Claire's birth - but I'm pretty sure insecurities got the best of me.  Five months later I'm feeling much better, and have no problem saying, "Good grief! I was ENORMOUS!"
Every time I see this picture in my photos I immediately start thinking of this scene:

It's wonderful to feel like myself again.  The problem is that once I start feeling like me again, I start thinking, "Hmmm...I could probably have another!"  (Hence four kids in five and a half years).  Here's hoping that this phase lasts longer than normal!  

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Jodi said...

First of all - you were not huge! Second of all - you should have 10 kids - they are SO cute and you guys are so good with them!! I'll babysit anytime!