Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoo Day

Rob took last friday off work, so we headed up to the zoo with the little chickadees.  Maddie and Jude have always loved the zoo - but we were really excited for our animal whisperer (Ella) to see so many new animals.  Surprisingly, there was a dinosaur exhibit going on where the dinos were spread all over the park, moving, growling and occasionally spitting water on lucky bystanders.  I thought it was really cool - but my kids were terrified.  I'm talking crying, shaking, paralyzed fear.  
We ride the train

We laugh at the silly monkeys

We search for something

The search continues

The zoo worker asks the kids if they know what extinct means.  Jude says that the skunk is extinct, because "it stinct."
We run from T-Rex 
We laugh at he Jurassic Park owner.

We wonder who this chubby, bald baby who ate Claire is.  

We carousel wave.  (All parents with kids know exactly how this works.  "Hi Mom, hi Mom, hi mom!" Until they're out of sight.  It then starts up again every time they circle around.  Never gets old!)

We pet giraffes
I don't like birds that aren't on a leash, or stuffed.  But a peacock walking towards me WITH feathers up may just be one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen.  

We are monkeys

We become food for the only non-moving dinosaur
We pretend we've been cool with dinosaurs from the get-go.

Yes, the dinosaurs were a bit scary - but not scary enough to make a lasting impression.  First thing Saturday morning Jude woke up ready to work.  He spent the morning trying to make a full sized dinosaur that shot water out of its mouth into a dinosaur shaped pool.  All of this from a single sheet of computer paper.  I think that one is still a work in progress.

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