Sunday, June 26, 2011

My babies love solid food. Within a couple of bites they've all been hooked.  We usually give our babies solids around 4 months, but my kids' pediatrician suggested holding Claire off until six months.  Apparently there was a study linking early solid feeding with obesity.  (Ahem, has anyone seen my NON-solid fed baby recently? I'm having a hard time believing their findings) Anyway, today was Claire's first attempt at solid foods.   Saying that she hates it is an understatement.  She cried the entire way through, and almost vomited on several occasions.  About half way through she started gagging at the mere sight of the spoon.  So, I want to know what studies have been done about people that live on formula their entire life - that may just be where we're headed.

She reminds me of someone in that last picture.  Hmm.....Oh, wait - I got it:

Seriously....why do my kids look so much like the Marshmallow Man when they cry?


Deon said...

Bwahahaha! Claire's likeness with the MM is uncanny! jk! But sorta/kinda/maybe/a teensy bit similar? So funny!

john kopp said...

Hahahahahaha!!! So how is your refrigerator behaving these days?

Kendal and Alissa said...

Love the comparison. I hate all of the confusion with these new "findings". My doctor must has just recently been told the opposite. I fed Savanna at 6 months and was told to start feeding Hallie early at 4-6 months to prevent allergies. One day I'd like all of these doctors to get on the same page!

P.S. I have heard so many babies having problems with liking solids. My sister and Jamie are both having problems. Maybe these babies can live on formula:)

Sara said...

hahahaha! best ever!