Friday, October 07, 2011

Buddy System

Maddie and Jude have alway been close - but I have actually been surprised at how close Ella and her "Kware Bear" have become.

BDEM:  It hasn't happened yet, but I'm fairly sure it will be the moment I get to lay my head on my pillow.  Jude spent last night seeing ghosts - so he ended up in our bed.  I was already awake at 3am, but when he came in at 4, I knew I was up for the night.  This morning I overheard him saying to Maddie, "OH YEAH - it was just the shadow of the fan..." I would have loved that information last night! 

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Wilson Family said...

Holy cow, I feel like you were just posting pictures of a newborn Ella and now she is feeding Claire a bottle! She is so adorable, and those pictures of them together are priceless. Love them!

Hope there are no ghosts tonight and you get to sleep!