Sunday, October 23, 2011


Go to this link, then come back.  Seriously, go - because it this post won't make any sense if you don't. Scroll all the way to the bottom...see if you notice anything.

Click HERE.  

What the heck?!  My friend, Mandi, sent me an email the other day showing me what she had found online - asking if I had any idea that Cornbelly's was using my quote on their site.  I did not know, but have been laughing about it all week.  I was curious how they found my blog, so I googled Cornbelly's, to see if my blog came up because I had blogged about it.  I looked through 24 pages of google, and finally gave up.  They make it seem like "Our Little Maddie Blog" is a household, "Oh, didn't you hear what Our Little Maddie Blog said about cornbelly's?  I'm totally going!"  I'm quoted like the site name actually means something to the general public - or I am some kind of reputable source.  The part that makes me laugh the most is that is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever written!  I actually used the word "hotspot."  

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cornbelly's, I just can't believe that of all the things I'm ever going to get published in this life, it had to be some ridiculous tag line that I am mortified of!  

Why couldn't I write something like:

We went for the Boo's and stayed for the Ahh's (©Melissa W.  October 2011...try to steal it now!) 

No...I call it the local halloween/fall hotspot.  I used a SLASH!  They quoted my SLASH!  I would have at least just said it was the local halloween hotspot, and skipped the whole slash had I only known Cornbelly's was on the hunt for free endorsements. 

Oh, the things you don't think will ever get noticed when you throw them out into the blogger world!


Thanks, Mandi, for sharing.  Now you can all see that at one point in my life I said something that was important enough to be requoted.

"Cornbelly's is the local Halloween/fall hotspot"
  -Our Little Maddie Blog

Tell your kids, because now that Our Little Maddie Blog has endorsed it, it's a fact.

BDEM:  I made Tortilla Pizza for dinner tonight (which I should add would not have been possible if my darling neighbor Trina hadn't loaned me three cups of flour) and it was wonderful!  The kids even ate it...happily!  It was a bit more work than I was expecting, but if you're interested in making it the recipe can be found HERE
It would have been really tasty (and more photogenic) with fresh tomatoes, but we were out.  Rob and the kids also thought black olives would have been a nice addition, but I pretended not to hear that request.  
I have been sending a lot of people to Pioneer Woman's Website lately.  Maybe she can thank me by leaving a horrible quote of mine on her blog ("Pioneer Woman cook food good").  Should you venture out and make it, don't bother trying to make homemade tortilla strips - just buy them.  They're just one extra step, and truthfully, mine were a bit chewy. "I no fry good." 


Wilson Family said...

HAHA! That is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever heard! I'll be checking Pioneer Woman's site to see if she is as cheap as Cornbelly's. Maybe you should call Cornbelly's and ask for some free food or something. Because seriously, I am dying to try it now that I know it's the "local Halloween/fall hotspot!"

Deon said...

Well, look at you go! You've made it into that elite group of bloggers who are now international celebrities, Melissa! The next thing we know, you'll be asked to appear on GTU or Studio 5 or some such. Too bad the Cornbelly's website couldn't take the trouble to put your quote in quotation marks because at first, it looked like the name of your blog was just slapped onto the bottom of their web page for no apparent reason. But, there IS a reason! It's because you are now an international blogging star!!! Congrats! Bwahahaha!

Mom said...

I KNEW you would be a published author one day! Who knew it would be this soon? You write good! Even local Halloween/fall hotspots think so!

Mandi said...

Oh my gosh, this post made me laugh SO MUCH!! You're so funny. Deon just made me realize why it took me so long to figure out that it was an actual quote of yours. NO QUOTATION MARKS! Secondly, it is obviously a hastily written description.....they couldn't find a more glowing review? You are a such a talented writer, and to have them use THAT as the quote is so hilarious! the bottom of the calendar page? WHAT?? The whole thing is so weird and funny! I'm so glad I happened upon that. You're welcome.