Friday, October 28, 2011

The Opposite of BDEM

Doing this whole BDEM (Best Day Ever Moment) has been a lot of fun for me, because it really makes me reflect upon my day and think about something that has made me happy.  I've had a bunch of friends do similar things on their blogs, and they seem to be enjoying the extra positive boost as well - so cheers to BDEM!

On the opposite note, I often have moments during the day where I think things like, "Does this qualify as the WDEM (Worst Day Ever Moment)?  Not that I'm looking for them, but it's funny that in all things there is opposition.  I generally don't think it when something really bad happens, just more in moments of, "Huh?  Really?"  So I guess it wouldn't technically be a WDEM, just a bizarre in which I find frustration.

Here is today's example of, "Well, that doesn't qualify as a BDEM...":

At about 8:40am I decided to jump in the shower, knowing that I only had five minutes to shower.  I could have waited until after taking Madelyn to school, but I just really, really needed to wake up.  (One of the other things that is almost a guarantee with my kids is that as soon as I get in the shower - someone will need to talk to me.)  Continuing...I get in the shower and start to wash my hair when Maddie starts talking through the door.

As always, I tell her that I can't hear/understand her - we'll talk in a minute.

She is persistent, and smashes her mouth against the door and talks louder.

Maddie - I really can't hear you.

MOM!  blah-blah-blah....

Sigh....I only have three minutes to shower - please just let me finish.




(We are now several minutes into my five minute shower, and all I've done is washed my hair)

Okay, Madelyn - hang on.

I step out for a second, grab a towel and open the door.


No, I just wondered why you needed to get in the shower before I am going to school?  Are you trying to make me late?  We have to leave soon.


BDEM:  I've had quite a few today.  It really has been a great day, but I think one thing that really sticks out is the time I spent trying to learn photoshop.  I've always wanted to learn how all of my friends are making cute invitations and photo collages, etc....and taking the time today made me feel like I have (gasp) a HOBBY!  I don't know that I've had one before, except reading (rare) and blogging.  I am still super confused, but I'm starting to get some small aspects of photoshop.  Baby steps, baby steps.



Deon said...

Whoa, that Maddie is priceless! I bet you felt like hitting your head against the shower door about a hundred times after that :D

BTW, I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law's business! Goodness sakes, Melissa, we drove right past that fire last night at around 7:10 on our way to Provo, and we could hardly believe our eyes! Little did we know whose business it was. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rob's family (and yours)!

Something Wilde said...

Yay for Photoshop! I know you have lots of people to help you, but I'll throw out my ...if you need any help...holler!