Friday, October 14, 2011


We celebrated our friend, Brandon's birthday tonight...

Indian food (Did you know it's DELICIOUS?!)
Ping Pong - Rob is a master, I am a loser.
Lots and lots of Hall and Oates (you know you love it)
Lord of the Rings Pinball
Laughter, laughter, and then tears from laughter
More laughter - I'm talking my belly hurt, and my cheeks stung laughter

Thanks for inviting us, Brandon - it was a really great night.

BDEM:  It wasn't a best-day-ever-moment, it was a best-day-ever-time-chunk.  It involved all of the earlier events.  

Side note:  Another friend of mine had a Halloween party tonight that I was REALLY looking forward to, but for some reason I didn't realize it fell on the same night as Brandon's party.  (It is odd for Rob and I to have ANY plans that involve anyone outside our house - let alone be invited to TWO social events on the same evening). I hope that everyone that went to that had an awesome time.  The cute girl that threw the party is unbelievably creative, and I can only imagine how ridiculously cool it was.  

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