Monday, October 17, 2011

She's [not] Crafty

I know a lot of people who are really, REALLY crafty.  These people amaze me.  Girls talk about getting together and making a craft, and my mind just goes blank.  I try to keep up with the conversation or act even slightly interested, but the truth is, for me, crafts are just one step up from the sixth day of the flu.  {Yes, you just successfully deduced that I prefer five days of vomiting and body aches} Crafts include: homemade hair ties, anything to do with silk flowers, wreaths, decoupage, ribbon, hot glue guns, scrap booking, fabric markers, paint, get the picture.  It's not that I hate the result of these hobbies - it's actually quite the contrary. I think all of these things are super cute, and often envy those who whip these things up for "fun."  I have two problems with crafts.  1.  I feel like it'd cost me more to make the item than it would to buy it, and I don't feel like shelling out cash for the following result:  2. I am HORRIBLE at them.  I don't want to pay money for the supplies of something that is just going to remind me that I wasted money on a craft I botched.  Then after spending the money, feeling like I have to now display my failure in my home. I'd rather just go bowling or see a movie.  It's more my thing - so if you're up for one of those - call this lady.

I'm sure there are some of you who know me thinking, "You can't be THAT bad at crafts..."  You don't know me well enough.  There are a select few who have been there for the long haul that can back me up 100%.  (Mom, Mary, Stef, Rob...that's about it).

That being said - here are some really, really cute crafts that I recently saw - and hope that some of you crafty types will do.  I won't be doing them - but if you need a cheerleader, or happen to have an extra masterpiece, think of me.

My friend Mary - just completed these:
Popsicle Stick Puzzles - genius. Find them (and a million other crafts) HERE
My friend, Sarah, just completed these super cute trick-or-treating bags.  ADORABLE!

Click HERE for her cute blog

Then I saw this wreath over at Our Best Bites - and have to say that I seriously considered making this - but I don't own a glue gun, so that thought only lingered for about ten seconds.  I still love it though:

If you DO own a glue gun and have more motivation than me - I'd say get right on this.  (Click HERE)
There are a million other D.I.Y projects (I actually DO know that term....I googled it) that I am envying - so these are just a start.  But, crafty girls, I just want to say how awesome and feminine and sweet you are.  If I weren't such a headphones in - hood up kind of tomboy, I'd be all over these.  Thank you for sharing your inspire me!  

BDEM:  This is going to sound ridiculously cheesy, and I love my husband-ish, but so what...I'm cheesy, and I love my husband.  The Best Day Ever Moment was making my husband's special little dinner, and having it ready for him when he came home.  He's been hinting that he would really like it if "one of these days" I could make him THIS sandwich.  It is ridiculously tasty, but has too many calories, so I can't eat it.  Tonight I finally broke down and made him the sandwich - and he smiled as he ate it.  So I guess my BDEM was the happiness that comes from making someone else happy....especially my favorite someone.  

If you haven't tried Pioneer Woman's favorite sandwich - give in.  It's so strangely delicious. HERE.

PS - Wishing a very happy birthday to my handsome father - who is quite possibly my biggest blog follower.  Love you, Dad - thanks for always, ALWAYS respecting, appreciating and supporting me!  You're amazing!  


Stef said...

Our combined lack of craftiness is really the glue that holds this BFFness together.

john kopp said...

Thanks Melissa!!