Thursday, October 27, 2011


I got a call from Rob tonight telling me to head over to his dad's office...because it was on fire!  I loaded up the kids, got stuck in MAJOR traffic (the three lanes were closed down to one, and everyone was rubber-necking), and finally made it over.  It was so sad to see my father-in-law's buildings in such bad shape.  He owns the car dealership that is located there, and then rents out the rest of the buildings to other companies. All of them were trashed.  

You can see the story HERE.

He and my mother in law were handling it so well.  It's funny, but as I watched all the news cameras, I couldn't help but think of how many times I have seen things like this on the news, and thought, "Oh, that's too bad..." and moved on.  It's so different when you actually realize how much devastation is involved, and just how much can be lost so quickly.  Love and prayers go out to you all tonight, I'm just glad there was nobody in the building when it happened.

BDEM:  Knowing that my father in law, his brother, and all of the other workers are okay.  It was funny, but as Maddie was saying her bedtime prayers, she thanked Heavenly Father that nobody was hurt - not just grandpa, but all of the people that work there.  She also prayed that the building could be saved, and grandpa could go back to work there "real soon."

So precious.  


Stef said...

I drove right past this fire last night! I didn't know it was Rob's dad's place. I am so sorry!

Mom said...

I'm so sad to hear this! Are Ross and Tammi still doing OK? Life can sure throw curve balls sometimes.