Sunday, October 02, 2011

Puppy Love

While most first grade girls are dealing with little boys punching, kicking and making fun of them to show their affection - lucky Madelyn is getting love letters from her boyfriend, Oliver.

The back says, "Oliver loves Maddie."  Seriously, SO CUTE!  We came home from Rob's parents' house tonight, and there was another picture of them holding hands taped to our front door.  What a gem of a kid!  I may be a bit premature - but welcome to the family, Oliver.  Thanks for taking such good care of our little Maddie!

BDEM:  Watching General Conference.  I swear every single word was meant for me.  Did anyone else feel that way, too?!  Exactly what I needed to hear at this challenging time in our life.  We learn from our trials, we grow from our trials, and God is there - helping us every step of the way.  

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