Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am constantly amazed at some of the things people do to their belongings.  I'm not saying you shouldn't "customize" your life - but when it comes to things that you will most likely have to sell again at some point, I really think there should be some sort of limit.

Today while surfing the web I came across these, um, let's just call them "interesting choices."

Originally a Honda Accord - now a time machine.

Originally the Ecto Mobile - now a family vehicle.

Originally could be seen by the naked eye.  Now - completely invisible.

Originally a Government Vehicle.  Now a Jurrasic Park Tour Car.
Originally the car my father always rented (and never failed to curse) on our family ski trips.  Now....well, let's just say that Kermit didn't deserve this.

All that's left of old Kermie is attached to the gear shifter.  

Originally, four separate cars.  Now - it's nothing but a car casserole.

I laugh now, but really - isn't there at least one of these cars that made you think of somebody you know and love? Guess we all just have to be ourselves in the end, and these people definitely did just that.  
BDEM:  Taking our kiddies to pick out their pumpkins.  It had to be the highlight of their month - I'll try to get a wagon picture or two up soon!  

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