Sunday, October 16, 2011

Four Little Pumpkins

Now for your viewing pleasure, a bunch of pictures of my little pumpkins with pumpkins.  On two separate occasions.  Just consider this round one of obligatory fall pictures.  I guarantee there will be multiple rounds - just because that's how I roll.  I love fall, folks...what else can I say?!  

It's getting harder and harder to get a decent picture of the kids - especially when Ella decides to pout instead

This was the closest I could get to all the kids looking at the same time.  

Claire loved the wagon rides



My brother and Rob with the pumpkin tree

My autumn romance

(INSERT PICTURE OF DEREK AND JESSICA HERE - it was a really cute shot, but naturally my battery died mid shot...sorry guys!)

BDEM:  Our burning bush has turned so red that it almost looks fuchsia . I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow - but seeing it just made me realize how pretty the earth is this time of year.  

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