Monday, October 03, 2011

For the past five years I have lived only fifteen minutes away from the coolest park, ever...and had no idea.  


I'm sure all of you locals are making the "What a loser, she's never been to Discovery Park" face - but seriously...didn't even know it existed. {Put away your scrunched up nose....if it's not in my front room, I don't know it exists!}  If there are more of these hidden (read: not on my block) gems around - feel free to pass them along.

BDEM:  My mommy made us one of those meals that just tastes like home.  Her fabulous lasagna, garlic bread and eclair cake.  I was once again a fifteen year old, sitting at my family table, enjoying Sunday dinner.


Stacy said...

I have never been there either! Please share, where is the coolest park ever???

Linz said...

I love those little huts!

Snarr mama said...

This is really random, but.....I helped build that park as part of a service project for my high school English class. Such a fun park!! Glad you found it!

Deon said...

Well, yes. Yes, I did sorta make "that" face when I read you had never been to Discovery Park, but then I repented. :D

Howdy-do to your beeeeeeeeeautiful mom! One of the many outstanding things I remember about her? Her flawless and gorgeous skin. She has no pores. None. Nothin'. And, her quick wit always sent me into fits!