Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something Different...

When my mom was in town, she wanted me to try this shampoo that is {unbeknownst to me} all the rage.  She pointed to her hair and said, "Look at what it can do - my hair is curly, EVEN in this desert!"  I was intrigued, and she sent me home with the bottle she brought on her trip.  The stuff is kind of weird, there's no lather, and it is applied like conditioner - but I have to say that since using it, I have been blessed with the hair of ANGELS!  I'm in the middle of a grow out, and my cut is horrendous right now - but I swear, I have more volume than I have walking out of the salon!  Rob even stopped in the middle of a sentence and said, "You're hair looks really good today!"  Success!

It's pretty pricey for a shampoo - but if you're in the market, and can afford to spend a bit more on a hair product - I HIGHLY recommend using this.  For the first time in my life, my hair does what I want it to do, not vice versa.

Forgive my little sales blurb - I just wanted to share my joy.  This stuff is FABULOUS!

BDEM: Finding THIS recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I was really, really overjoyed that I was for once going to make garlic cheese bread the right way.  BDEM thwarted when I discovered that my loaf of french bread was covered in mold.  Sad.  It still looks like an awesome recipe for next time!


Jessica Kopp said...

Where can I get this heavenly liquid?

Stacy said...

I saw an infomercial on this stuff and was intrigued too!

Maybe I will try it one day! I am much more sold by someone who has actually used it then the tv! :)

Unknown said...

I have seen the comericals too and have been wondering where to get it. Also good to know someone who has used it before I try.