Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rules of the Universe

- If you mop your kitchen floor, someone will spill fruit juice on it within twenty four hours

-If you go to the grocery store in your grubbies, you will run into an ex

-If you dress a baby for something special they will spit up/blow out poop all over the outfit before the  

-If you wash your car, it will rain

-If you get on the phone, your children will immediately need your attention

-If you schedule family pictures for the first time in four years, you will have your first trampoline injury

-If your rage-aholic redhead is the receiver of the accidental trampoline head-to-eye bonk, she will immediately retaliate by shoving her fingernails deep into the eye sockets of the little boy that bonked her - adding one more injury to photoshop out.....sorry, Jess!

....Don't even get me started on what happens when you give a mouse a cookie.

BDEM:  Sitting on the couch, right before the kids' bedtime, cuddling with the three older kiddos while we watched Pingu.  We sure love that little Penguin!  We missed Rob, but we know he's hard at work - making deals and kicking butt!

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Kim said...

I've been feeling pretty guilty that Rob had to start working at such a horrible time. But just week it will be soooo much better.