Sunday, October 09, 2011

Halloween is Coming....

I was discussing ghosts again today with my in-laws, and my sister in law, Marci, mentioned that she hates Halloween.  I was sure that my husband was the only Anti-Halloween in the world, but it is starting to appear that people actually HATE halloween....

I definitely have my favorite holidays:  Christmas, Birthday, 4th of July, Casimir Pulaski Day, Flag Day etc.  I then have a few non favorites like: New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, National Left Hander's know - all the unimportant ones.  BUT, I didn't know that people actually detested anything and everything that had to with a celebration of sorts.  I personally think Halloween is fun, but apparently there are those out there who find the holiday horrid.  


It's just because you're afraid of the dark - right?  I'm pretty sure that's my husband's root of all H alloween hatred.  One hundred percent FEAR.

However, if you're a local - and love a little Halloween Fun - you have to check this out:


It's our favorite thing to do with the kids on Halloween....AND it's free.  Even Halloween Haters enjoy this special little treat. And your kids will thank you for it - promise!

BDEM:  Church, hands down.  I left today feeling uplifted on so many levels.  I think to be even more specific, I'd have to say my husband's testimony was my absolute favorite.  He is so strong, so kind and so loving to his family - I am such a lucky, lucky lady.  

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