Monday, October 24, 2011

Please Explain...

I keep hearing the word Pinterest.  I have stumbled upon the site a couple of times, and I don't really get it.  It's like a million cool things, but the scrolling doesn't end.  Is it really just one long loop of awesomeness that dares to distract me even more?

My cousin...or cousin's cousin...or second cousin's daughter....or the daughter of my cousin once removed (I'm talking about you, Amanda) has a really awesome Pinterest page - and everything on it was pretty, or classy, or edible, or useful.  Is that the point?

I hear so many people talking about it - are you pinteresting?  If so - I need the following answers:


Should I be doing this?  Do I need to have interests to Pinterest?  I'm just confused, but eager to learn.  Teach me, my friends!

BDEM:  Check out the photos below - Maddie and Jude set up a restaurant for Rob and I to enjoy what Maddie kept calling a "honey date."  As in, two honeys on a date.  It was like a scene from parent trap.  Jude made the food (pulled the appropriate plastic food out of our play kitchen), Maddie served the food (I had flying food (?) and Rob had green eggs and ham), and Ella played the music (danced around the room pushing the buttons on one of those musical books). Best honey date I've ever been on.  Oh - and it was in the morning, so forgive the PJs, hair and glasses.

The pumpkin actually glows, so it was the candle centerpiece

"Everybody say cheers for the honey date!"  


Brett said...

You want to learn about Pinterest huh? Call Stacey tomorrow and she'll explain it all. You really can't live without it. I have no idea how we did. Stacey found a home made frosty recipe we tried tonight. It was pretty authentic.

Stacy said...

I love Pinterest. If you ever find yourself searching Google images for anything, then you will love Pinterest. Example: I want to throw Porter a "Pirate Party" for his birthday next month. Searched google images and started saving the inspiring, pretty pictures. When you search Pirate Party on Pinterest you ONLY get the pretty, cute and inspiring pictures. Or if you want to do a cute art project with the kiddos, do a little search on Pinterest, and wa-la! If you want to get ideas on how to decorate a kids room, or for the Halloween holiday.

I think it is designed for people who browse online, and find things they like, they can pin it on Pinterest and save it for later. Your christmas wishlist, ideas for the kids, ideas on how to remodel a room, cute clothes you want, etc. (So you can take pictures from anywhere online and copy them to pinterest.)

I tend to just copy other people's pins and awesome ideas, because I am lazy like that. They usually always have a link to the original site where it came from, so you can get instructions on a craft, buy that shirt, or get that recipe.

It's just addicting awesomeness, and I have to stay away or I will spend hours! Maybe you should just stay away. :)

Stacey said...

the concept is to have a place to bookmark all of those cute things you find online and have them organized. You create your own "boards" such as recipes, things for kids, quotes, decorating ideas etc. What it really ends up being is that you just get on the endless site and look at others ideas and "pin" them. It ends up being that your friends have lots of the same things that you would like so you don't have to search for too much unless you want something specific.
Warning, it is super addictive. Request an invite from the site because you have to be invited if you haven't been already.
I have found so many fun activities for the kids to do that are super easy and cheap and they love them.

Mandi said...

I was confused about Pinterest at first, too, but now I want to live inside of it. It is a lovely world full of beautiful and yummy things. I love it because I'm always coming across things on the web that I want to remember, but when I need it again, I can't find it. So it just keeps all your ideas in one place. There are some really creative people out there, and it's like they're just coming to you - you don't even have to search - the amazing ideas just pop up, and if you really like it, you pin it, and have an organized space for it. I've actually made quite a few of things that I've pinned, and it's kind of awesome. I try to limit mine to things I would actually do/use.....I don't get into the "someday" stuff. That wears me out. So mine's pretty bare still, but that's the way I like it. Good luck with your pinteresting!