Tuesday, October 11, 2011

He Survived!

It's always interesting starting a new job - so much to learn, so many new people to meet....you have to figure out all of the software, the appropriate attire...it's a crazy, fun, confusing time.  But he did it.  I tried to get a picture of him on his first day - but as most (normal) people would, he laughed at me and reminded me that this was NOT his first day of Kindergarten. (I still got one)

We celebrated his first day with one of his favorite dinners - homemade chicken pot pie, or dinner cake as the kids call it.
It was nice to get back into a normal schedule...and to finally tackle that mountain of ironing that has accumulated over the past six weeks, but we definitely missed our family lunch and trips to Ikea.  Congrats on a perfect first day, babe!  We are so proud of you and appreciate all that you do to support our family. 

BDEM:  Now that Rob's office is only five minutes away we can sneak out and leave little notes in his car.  It makes us feel like we are still close to him - and to let him know that we are always thinking about him.  Sure, he might be a bit embarrassed if he brings his buddies in his car - but that's fine by me!  


Wilson Family said...

That is awesome that he got a great new job! Congrats to you and him! And what an awesome way to get hired. Good luck!

Stacy said...

So exciting, Melissa! That is such wonderful news! I am so glad that it was a short lived trial with a happy ending.

And just a comment on the previous post "why do I say my little family?" - maybe it is because you are destined to be one of those mom's with 9 kids, so of course 4 seems "little" - what do you say, ay?

john kopp said...

YAHOO!! Congratulations!!

Unknown said...

so what is in that pie???