Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bee Afraid

This little sucker landed on Maddie's foot while she was outside coloring more {good grief} halloween decorations out of chalk.  (We are seriously now the Halloween Equivalent of the Griswolds when it comes to Halloween chalk pictures).  So the bee landed, Maddie screamed, and he stung her. She came running into the house screaming "I don't want that bee on my foot!" I explained to her that it was now gone, and probably a million miles away - but she was still hysterical. "But it never should have landed there!"   I again told her that she was crying for nothing - but then she whipped off her sock, showed me the raised, red bump and I ate crow.  (Why didn't she ever use the words stung, sting, and/or pain in her freaking out?!) I poured a couple drops of lavender oil on it, and she immediately stopped crying.  Love lavender.

 I (being a HORRIBLE MOTHER) took this moment to tell her that this is what piercing her ears would feel like, since she's been asking a lot.  (Sorry to parentheses again - I just have to explain that I'm not against it, I just know that Maddie is the most "vocal" when it comes to even the tiniest pain - hence my earlier ignorance about the bee sting).  She responded with, "It feels like this?  Woah - then I am totally not ready. I'll just take a couple years to think about it."

I should also mention that this gutsy little bee did not survive the sting.  So there is now one less stupid insect charming honey-maker in the world.

There you have it - our first bee sting.  We now know that Maddie is not allergic.  Oh, I'm thinking back to poor Thomas J from My Girl.  {Sniff, sniff} - "He needs his glasses, he can't see without his glasses."

That was the first movie that ever made me cry.  It actually still gets me.  Don't laugh.

Happier times:

BDEM:  There were about a million today.  It was just a really, really great day - but I'm going to say that sitting at the park with all the ladies in the neighborhood (we missed you Stacy) and chatting about every little thing was probably the BDEM.  The weather was divine, the kids got to see all of their friends, and I was out of the house.  I just don't think you can top that.  

Although....this moment definitely came close - Claire hasn't fallen asleep on my shoulder forever!

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Deon said...

Way to grab a teaching (manipulation? I think not) moment about the pierced ears :)

Impressive that you can cuddle and do photojournalism simultaneously!