Thursday, March 08, 2012

Angry Buzz

I've been calling Jude Buzz since the day he was born - not sure where it came from, but it has stuck for years.  So, I especially like when he gets a buzz, and the nickname makes sense.

I also love that as soon as his hair is short he looks just like my little two year old boy.  I cut his hair, and it's like he hasn't aged a day!

Angry Buzz three years ago -   I should add that he's angry because he is stuck in a toilet.  I'd say his anger is justified.

Angry Buzz today.  Angry because he had to stay inside after pouring sand all over our next door neighbor's driveway.  His anger is not as justified this time around....but I'm pretty sure mine was.  

( He was trying REALLY hard to stay angry in this last shot)

Gosh, I love my little Buzz.  Even at his angriest.

BDEM:  Crazy Uncle Jeff joined us for dinner tonight, and the kids couldn't have been happier.  Anytime that poor guy walks through the front door it's like pure pandemonium.  He is such a good sport!  

Water:  40 oz.


Jodi said...

I love that Buzz - what a great kid! And sorry that my husband just "dropped" by to eat dinner - he should know to call first! But...if he did call first, he'd probably start making requests like "make sure there's blueberry muffins and I really like jell-o" You're the good sport!

Lisa said...

My high school boyfriend's name was Buzz! haha! Just had to tell you that.