Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In My Life

We just finished up a dinner of banana pancakes and vanilla syrup. Jude, Ella and Rob gave the meal two thumbs up - while Maddie gave it a so-so. She then got jealous that we were all part of the "I love this dinner" club - and decided that it was actually REALLY GOOD.


Jude and Ella are wandering around under blankets.  Ella is a ghost, and keeps bouncing off the walls.  Jude is a "ghost dog" and is haunting the house with barks.

I can't help but laugh at how much Ella resembles ET when he dresses up as a ghost for Halloween.

Maddie is once again jealous because, "All of the good ghost blankets are gone!"

Jude made a segway out of blocks:

And I'm blogging to some amazing butt-rock from the 80s.  The Scorpions to be exact.  That alone qualifies today as a good day.

Hope your day was butt-rock-awesome, too!

BDEM:  I think I took a total of five or six cat naps today.  It seemed like I dozed off every single time I sat down - which I think I needed after these past two weeks.  

Water:  24 oz

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Deon said...

Hey, hey! Does this mean you have your computer back? Pics? Correct spelling? ITALICS? You are living life large now, Melissa!!!