Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Tune up on Van - check
All 8 loads of laundry - check
YM/YW Combined Activity that I was in charge of  - check
Book ideas from bloggy friends - check (thanks, ya'll!)

Still to do:
Run to Target for last minute items
Pack the kids
Pack myself
Clean house
Paint toe nails in some ridiculously bright color of polish
Make treats for doTerra meeting
Charge every single electronic item we own

I'm feeling optimistic.  Exhausted, but optimistic.

Oh - and if you ever find yourself ridiculously white before heading off to a tropical island, don't panic. Just run out and grab this stuff:

FANTASTIC.  And that's coming from the world's pastiest woman.  I know you're thinking, "No...I'm the whitest person in the world."  Wrong.  In the winter I actually turn to a pale shade of blue.  

Anyway - doesn't streak, doesn't turn orange - just a really nice even spray.  

Rob walked into the bathroom after I had sprayed my legs and said it stunk.  Personally I didn't think it smelled too bad, but he turned up his nose and said it smelled like skunk.  I then called him out because he is one of those weirdos that actually LOVES the smell of skunk.  Long, deep breaths whenever we hit a stinky area.  He said, "I like the natural smell of skunks.  This just smells like synthetic skunk - and I don't like that."

BDEM:  I have to get some video of Claire saying Ella's name.  It is a beautiful thing. She can say all of our names pretty well - but Ella's is hilarious.

Water:  40 oz

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