Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Final Hawaii Tribute

Lighthouse from afar 
For some reason roosters are EVERYWHERE on Kauai. We saw more roosters than all other birds combined.  

Lighthouse visit - great whale watching spot.  Whale watching became an obsession of mine while we were there.  

Rob took a mini-hike up the Napali Trail.  I am one of those tiny people sitting on the beach below. 

A handsome outdoorsman...without the stink.  My kind of guy.

Now, one thing that Kauai doesn't really have a lot of is hula dancers.  I think the island in general is a lot less commercial than the other islands - and has more of an authentic vibe.  But since no Hawaii tribute is complete without some hula dancing, I'll leave you with this lovely dancer.  Oh - and I should mention this is the first time she has ever hulaed.  

BDEM:  Maddie made up the most incredible song about becoming a movie star in Hollywood.  She sang it to me this afternoon while playing on her new ukulele. I have GOT to get it on video and share it with the world.  It is darling!    

Water:  About 16 ounces.  I actually didn't even drink diet coke today, either.  I think I drank that 16 oz, and maybe 8 oz of OJ for the entire day.  No wonder I'm feeling so sluggish!  


Elder Sagers said...

Yeeeoooowwww! Maddie was born for this shake your groove thing stuff! She's got it down! I loved the baby's cameo :D

BTW, welcome home!

Elder Sagers said...

WHOA! That was NOT Elder Sagers commenting on Maddie's groove thing! Nuh uh. So sorry to light your hair on fire with that little scare! Trust me, Elder Sagers is firmly ensconced in his little MTC room with no access to your blog. Jeepers!

Deon said...

Okay. Last time. This REALLY is Deon. I'm getting just a titch ticked off about Google (or probably me) not getting this right. Grrr.

ccooke said...

I think on our heli tour we learned the roosters are because Kauai is the only island that the mongoose wasn't introduced to, or something. Therefore, there are no predators. I didn't mind them too much in Princeville, but we went down to Poipu beach one day and they were out.of.control. Like sitting on your towel on the beach with you ridiculous!