Thursday, March 29, 2012


How I love thee.....

Let me count the ways.

I don't really know what they say after that part - or if "the ways" are actually counted, but I'm hoping my pretend knowledge of all things literary will suffice.

Truly, I love them.  Period.

Ironically, the image number is 0824.  0824?  As in 08/24.  MY BIRTHDAY.  This shoe photo shoot was meant to be.

BDEM:  Maddie's choir concert was tonight - boy was she a CUTIE PIE!  I love that she's getting big enough that we can enjoy all of these events that come with her age.  

Water:  maybe 30 oz.  It's gotten bad - Rob and I are in a workout rut.  We were supposed to start p90x two days ago and have just slept in every morning.  I am in DESPERATE need of motivation.


Stacy said...

Oh cute! Love the color. Toms are the perfect summer shoe, don't you think?

kathryn said...

I love your Toms!!! I think I need a pair (we ARE shoe twins, after all).