Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what the??

My computer is still on the fritz, and Rob has his iPad, and my phone Blogger is acting nutso...Nutzo? Nutso? My phone doesn't recognize either, but then again my horrendous autofill renames Rob Rib every time I Rupert it. Yes, I'm leaving that. From.now Ih I am going to leave eceeyring I type the way ky phone fills it Ih. Yes. My.phone thinks scary one of thaw words is correct. It's like.my autofill has a.mind of its own. Oh, and I am used to typing on an iPhone, zu every tune I try to press the space bar I end up hurting the period button. Anyone who texts me sees a lot if periods instead of spaces. The space bar is much wider on the iPhone, than on the Droid, so I always seem to miss it and hit the period button. Well that sentence went okay!!

I won't type an entries post that way....so ill end it now.

With one quick sentence...

I hate my Droid.

BDEM: swimming with the young women. Aeiously had the BEST time. Yes, my.Phoebe thinks aeiously is a proper substitute
for seriously.

Wow. Good luck reading this post!


Deon said...

Okay, that was a hoot n' a holler! I think you're on to something here. This could be a whole new comedic genre! I think you ought to submit it to The Onion or Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen. Yeah! Ellen! She'd totally take this and run with it! You and your autofill could make millions, Melissa! Seriously, so funny!

The UnMighty said...

your phone is ca-razy! Sometimes when I can't sleep at night I like to read entries on the autofill fail blog. There have been times when I've been laughing so hard that I wake up Ben. Autofill. What a horrible, horrible, hilarious idea.

kathryn said...

grrrr. I need to get my laptop fixed so I don't keep posting as Ben.

Gregory said...

and thats what you get... enough said... okay, maybe not. Who in their right mind would EVER buy a droid?