Friday, March 09, 2012

When I Get an Awesome Office

I will get these awesome letters.

Then I will be awesome.

I have a couple of ideas in my head of what words would be perfect...and masculine (okay, I'll probably never have an office of my own).

What ONE word would be most awesome?

(To buy these letters - click on my friend, Katie's Etsy site - HERE).

BDEM:  Another crazy-busy day preparing for this trip, but I was able to spend some time with my sister in law, Jessica.  If I had a Jessica around at all times, I'd be much more hip.  I definitely lack in hip, but I think from today's exposure, I have become a bit hipper.  Maybe just hippier.  Not in a vagabond sense - more of a my-hips-are-getting-bigger-from IHOP sense.    (Happy Birthday, Johnny and Syd!)  

Water:  Oh.  I didn't even think about water until I typed that.  Now I'm thirsty.

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Cheryl said...

Those are darling. My son would love these in his room.