Thursday, March 01, 2012

I've mentioned in the past that Claire looks just like Maddie did when she was a baby.  Both kids were little chunkers, but I think Claire may be JUST a little bit bigger than Maddie was.

We tried to buy Claire some pants today - but as always, I could button them while she was on her back, but then she couldn't actually sit up.  Up until this point Claire has basically lived in stretchy pants, and it looks as though she will continue in stretchy pants for a few more months!

To confirm the fact that Claire is indeed our chubbiest, I started looking at pictures from Maddie around the same age.

This picture proved that Claire and Maddie were indeed the same size:

Unfortunately, Madelyn has a balloon up her shirt. balloon.

BDEM:  Anybody else love oatmeal?  Comfort food at it's best! I just finished a warm bowl of banana-flavored oatmeal with craisins, and mmmmmmm-boy!  That was DELISH!  

Water:  50 oz

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