Saturday, March 24, 2012

Na Pali Coast Boat Tour

If I had to choose one thing I'd do for the rest of my life, I would choose a job that involved being on a boat.  I could be at sea all day every day and never get sick of it - so this was easily my favorite excursion that we took.  We hopped on a powered catamaran about 1:30pm, and spent the next four hours out at sea enjoying the cliffs, snorkeling and exploring the caves along the coast.  The water was unbelievably clear and against the black rock almost had an aqua glow to it.  It was an absolutely incredible day.  This was the day that I saw the shark and we swam with the massive sea turtle.

Inside one of the caves

We forgot to look at the camera

When boating through this waterfall everyone was supposed to get wet - poor Bonnie was the only person who got wet, and it just soaked her to the bone.  

Pretty Caves

Na Pali Coastline 

I thought it looked like an elephant

For a person who finds fish disgusting, jumping into this was a little nauseating - but it was totally worth it.

This {obviously} European guy was on the boat with us.  Watching his snorkeling technique was one of the highlights of the day.

Driving back after snorkeling

There are still a handful of Hawaii pictures I missed - so I'll probably post one more day.  We arrived safely home a little while ago, and though I miss the sunshine, warmth, and Dad and is pretty good to be back.  If the kids had been with us on the trip, I'm fairly sure we never would have returned.  I could easily see us becoming a local family that lives off low wages and sunshine.

Oh - and can you believe that milk is over $8/gallon in Hawaii?  Yeah - the price of groceries is UNREAL over there. What's not expensive?  Sunscreen...who knew?  I guess we'd probably just become a poor fishing family who lives in beach-side tents.  We'd end up raising four ridiculously tan Tarzan babies that run around naked and play on the sympathies of the tourists.

Somebody please remind me that it's not a good lifestyle - I'm Hawaii-sick already!

BDEM:  It will be sleeping in my own bed tonight.  No matter how much you love traveling, there's something about your own bed that really just welcomes you home!

Water:  Honestly - zero ounces.  Guess I'd better start forcing myself to drink skin feels like sandpaper!

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john kopp said...

Great pictures! And welcome home!