Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Baby Hungry

(As in....I'm not)

But I should be, shouldn't I?  After all, Stefanie is pregnant.  Kat is pregnant, Kim just had a baby, Sara is not "ruling out the idea,"  Katie just had a baby, Nicole is pregnant, and I know there are other friends who are secretly reading thinking, "I haven't announced it yet!"

My little baby is almost 14 months old - and for anyone who knows me, knows I should already be at least four months along!  (Okay, perhaps thats a SMALL exaggeration, but truly - I'm running behind on my usual schedule).

But, shouldn't I WANT to be pregnant?

Does that mean I'm done?

How do people know when they're done?  It seems like the further away from pregnant I get, the less I want to do it again.

Go, Go Joe!  Give me the interpretation of my feelings!

BDEM:  One of the great perks of having Rob work from home is that we get to run silly errands together.  Today we went shopping and to lunch - so much fun!

Water:  50oz


Stacey said...

Ugh, I keep wondering the same thing. I don't have to decide right now and I know it. I just want to get rid of my baby clothes and maternity clothes if I am. No sense in holding on to all of it if I am. I'm so torn. I guess we both need to just pray about it.

Kendal and Alissa said...

This is a thought I have running through my head all the time. I just really CAN'T imagine having my last child. Just looking at those photos of Claire even tugs at my heart. I had loved every stage of my children (well with maybe the exception of Hallie's colic), and I can't imagine not having a baby/toddler in our home!

But on the reverse side....I can not STAND being pregnant and how many more 9 months of misery can I put our family through:)

I'd love to know if majority of families just feel at peace with their last child and the nagging for a baby just isn't there anymore.

Wilson Family said...

I think you should have another, just so I can see what another would look like! Your kids are adorable. That's funny though, because I was just telling Tom last night that I was enjoying not feeling like I had to have another yet. After our little Olivia, I may have to wait a while. She is a hand full! And 3 years was actually pretty great in between my first two. Anyway, good luck!

Oh, and have I mentioned how jealous I am of your upcoming trip?? SO exciting!!!

moom said...

I don't know how you know...but you do. After Sarah, I knew I was finished. I always had that "someone's missing" feeling after each of you until after Sarah. Good thing too! She's still be in therapy if I'd had another baby after her. She was sitting on the baby of the family bench just waiting for all of you to take your turn. She use to ask me if I loved Kitty more than her because he was younger. I joked about adopting a little girl from China once and 3 days later she broke down in hysterical tears telling me how it would displace her in her role as the youngest child. You just know.

MOM!! said...

And yes, I did just misspell MOM. There are so many excuses I could give...but let it suffice to say...consider the source.