Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I've decided that if Rob chooses to make this face for the camera, it is okay if I choose to post it publicly.  This was last night's lunch-snack (apparently that's a meal - it happens about an hour and a half before dinner) of sunset sushi.  
Rob and I are headed out on an overnight flight tonight.  We'll grab one last dinner with my dad and Bonnie, and then be gone.  We have had such an amazing time - and I wanted to quickly use my post to express to them how unbelievably grateful we are for their hospitality and for their willingness to share this trip with us.  We have packed so much into this trip - so now they have their remaining couple of weeks to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Rob and I couldn't have enjoyed this trip more, so thanks Dad and Bonnie for all of the excursions, afternoon fancy drinks, relaxing by the beach, late night card games and AMAZING fresh fish dinners.  I could go on and on just about the restaurants we've eaten at! 

I hope the two of you enjoy the rest of your trip - and have safe travels back home.

We will always have Kauai!

BDEM:  We spent our last day lounging on Ke'e Beach - soaking up some sun, and enjoying the crashing of the waves.   

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john kopp said...

You are most welcome! It was great to have you come and visit. And thanks for the company on the excursions!