Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jet Lag

I can't quite figure out my sleeping schedule.  Even though I was wasted tired last night, I got into bed and was wide awake.  I fell asleep around 1:00 am and then was up and wide awake by 5:30 am.  By about 8pm today I was ridiculously exhausted, but now it's 11 pm, and I'm wide awake again.  Hopefully tonight my body will go to bed, and sleep for at least eight hours.

Today we woke up and had a breakfast of sliced pineapple and banana cereal.  We got some grocery shopping done, then spent the afternoon touring the local beaches.  It is so beautiful here - I had no idea that it was almost like a jungle in some areas.

Because of all the recent rain and flooding a lot of the roads are closed off.  It puts a damper on some of the plans we had, but honestly...I'd be happy just hanging out on the patio listening to the waves and getting some sun.

Off to bed....hopefully!

BDEM:  The hot tub after a long, fun and exhausting day.  

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